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A viewer sent in this letter from Maine’s Center for Disease Control.  Check it out!

Maine CDC

“LED lights can potentially exacerbate symptoms, particularly retinal or neurologic, after prolonged or repetitive exposure”

“LED lights emit blue light, which can be damaging over time”


If you have found me and this little website then it is highly probable you are struggling with a similar issue, sensitivity to ECO-friendly lighting. My particular problem started a couple years ago with a change in my work environment to a different type of fluorescent lighting, I developed terrible eye strain and headaches that would not go away until I spent 2-3 days away from the environment. I had no idea what was coming a couple years later with LED lights, however, even at the time under this fluorescent lighting I could not continue my work effectively. My saving grace was discovering how anti-glare coating’s 99% protect me from the effects of florescent lighting.

Unfortunately, in September of 2012 (The month I married my beautiful and supportive wife) my employer replaced the florescent lighting with the newest generation of ECO-friendly lighting most people have still yet to experience, overhead LED bay lighting. There is no description for the pain these lights cause me. As all of our new computer monitors change to LED back lighting, smart phones , street lights, local businesses and car lights gradually change over to LED lighting  my life is rapidly becoming reclusive. I have hoarded incandescent light bulbs because of the light bulb legislation and I continue to rack up medical bills desperately searching for an explanation. I am blessed to have been approved for short term disability however I am holding my breath each time it needs to be re-approved. Where will I work if I cannot return to my current career? Where will LED lights and computer monitors not be used?

Since September of 2012 when these LED lights became apart of my everyday life, making it impossible for me to function at work, I have been researching, making phone calls and quite honestly slowly going into debt. This is how we have come to the creation of this website. It is my desire to not only continue my search for answers but to share what I have learned and for others to share what they have learned as well. There are many topics to light sensitivity and many people with varying degrees of sensitivity to different types of light, this journey is complicated and long so look for posts forthcoming. The topics are many and the information, links to articles, conversations with medical experts and various other people experiencing the same issue are ongoing. I will try to keep my editorials concise and to the point with the most relevant information I have found to date.

While I work on making this site user friendly and figuring out how to create tabs and provide link’s for everyone please join in the discussion or simply tell your story!

Peace and happiness,




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  1. Hi all. I am currently testing out a modified LED light at my workplace, and thought a initial post to you all would be appropriate.

    The driver of one of the LED lights in the office has been replaced. This is the only light source for the office I am currently in. I am testing to see if the driver replacement which has been implemented is beneficial before they roll it out throughout the whole building.

    I think the actual design of led drivers can be quite complicated and the electrician has tried to implement a cost effective solution. (see below various methods).

    I will describe my current reactions and feelings to help you to help you better understand. I am still feeling slightly dizzy, and confused with moments of apathy. I have waves of these reactions, probably on a scale of 3 out of 10 being the worst. I tested last Friday with the other LED light on in the room as the sole light source (without the new driver) and within 10 minutes my reaction had gone to ten. So I am more than pleased to confirm there is definitely something in this.

    I think the reason I am still experiencing so issues is because they have been unable to eliminate the flicker completely (perhaps with some underlying ripple effect still present?).

    I have currently been in this office today for 3 1/2 hours. I’m actually really pleased (and relieved) something seems to have helped!

    I think Professor Wilkins (an expert in LED flicker and human responses I have had contacted previously) sent this flicker checker app info to the MD of our company to check the flicker rate of the LED lights on his iphone.

    Came across this video also which provides interesting information.

    Anyway. I will keep you posted. Hopefully I will be able to get my workplace to replace all the drivers.

    I will be interested to hear any of your thoughts also.

    All the best, Andy

  2. Has anyone heard about the Dasung Paperlike? I was lucky enough to get a prototype, and I have gone from having a screen-related migraine every other day to being completely healthy.

    It’s basically an e-ink monitor, with no backlight and no flicker as far as I can tell. The software is very clunky still but it is far preferable to feeling terrible all the time.

    I posted about it on the Apple Forums and no one replied, which I find very confusing as for me, it is the solution I’ve been looking for all these years.

    • Gareth, sounds like a good idea but at $950 it is a bit out price range at the moment.

      For now I am still using old TFT based monitors and avoiding LED based kit like the plague. Hopefully the Dasung or similar technology will fall in price before my TFT’s burn out.

      By the way, is it just LED screens that you have a problem with or do you also get pain from LED household bulbs? Do you have problems with CFL lamps as well?

      All the best,


  3. ****Multiple coughs****

    Did you know that LED where used as a weapon ?
    It is called the “LED incapacitator” (or, as said in the video, nicknamed the “puke light”), a non-lethal weapon used to create dizziness, mental confusion, disorientation, etc. on criminals…
    Sounds familiar ?
    (just a hint for the sensitive persons : just listen to the sound)

    I just would like to know what the Doctors say about that, as well as the CDC lady of the letter ?????

    Not only they know it, but they use it.
    I think that a GOOD lawyer could make something out of it…

  4. Thank you for starting this website! I just got a new refrigerator and the LED lights inside immediately incited a serious bout of vertigo. Everyone thinks I am crazy! I agree, this problem is going to get so much worse for us.

    • Ugh! I’m so sorry! Have you been able to disable the light? We had an LED lit fridge about a year ago and were able to disable the light without breaking it. We now have an older fridge with an incandescent bulb, love it.

  5. HI Jesse,
    How is your condition improving? It’s been a while since you last posted. Hope you are getting better!

    This blog is a great initiative. I’d like also to get involved to help all of us with this conditioned. I’ve been suffering from it myself since 2011. It got to a point where I do not go out at night anymore, I do not drive (glare of traffic lights and other cars). I am lucky enough to be self employed so I replaced all the fluorescent/LED lights at the office with incandescent bulbs. I’m using black contrast setting on computer and phone but to be frank I stay away from them most of the time and I keep my time at work limited. I’m at a point where one of the only few activities left to me is listening to audio books in a dark room.

    Like many who posted here, I went to see many doctors and specialists but only got frustrated. It’s not a very common condition and most doctors are not interested in it. But we can make that change! I live in California near UCLA and I’d like to get the eye specialists there working on it. Maybe if we gather all our cases, we can have more influence on doctors and institutions like CPSC and CDC, etc.

    Jesse I would love to talk to you. I’d love to talk to any one else who wants to discuss this further. Let’s talk! my email address is

    • Hey! This is Jesse’s wife, I’m doing some quick responding because Jesse hasn’t been able to get on the computer. No improvements here, it’s progressed to be even more limiting.

      As a nurse I do understand that the medical community can be frustrating. Keep getting out there, keep pushing. You are your best advocate and only you know what is happening to you, nobody can tell you. Keep helping get the word out there, the neurologist/headache specialist that Jesse sees fully recognizes this issue and would like to get a research study going at some point. See if you can find a headache specialist in your state, it is a small community of subspecialists that are highly engaged and active in searching for solutions for people who suffer from all types of migraines. Good luck & keep us posted!

      • Hi Jesse’s Wife,

        Your update on Jesse is very concerning. I’m really hoping this is not a progressive issue. After having a good 10 months of relief lowering my brighness from 50% –> 0% then, using f.lux to reduce my color temperature by -1500K, I inexplicably had my symptoms return in March – hence why I originally posted.

        I have some questions about Jesse’s discomfort:

        – Is Jesse able to read print OK?
        – Do all display technologies bother Jesse? Has he tried “downgrading” to older LCDs or even way back to CRTs?
        – Can Jesse’s discomfort be explained through other vision issues such as accommodation/convergence insufficiencies?

        Hopefully we can all find some answers soon, as the ability to use display technologies is pretty much a strict requirement of today’s society.

  6. HI Jesse
    I was very interested to find your website. Thanks for sharing your story as it is very similar to myne. Since 2008, I have had much difficulty looking at computers and mobile devices such as iphones, etc. Recently this has expanded to include car headlights, certain ATM machines, and even credit card swiping machines. My symptoms are similar to what seems to happen to you as well – such as a migraine headache, nausea, difficulty processing even simple tasks, sometimes depth perception issues, etc. Once these symptoms are triggered, they don’t resolve until I go to sleep and wake up the next day. I’ve seen many doctors – neurologists, opthamalogists, neuro-opthamologists, etc. with no solution. I”m wondering if this could be a sensitivty to LED light as you mention. I am very curious to how the Crizal lenses do for you. I’ve tried the blu-tech lenses without much help so far. I also wish there was something I could take that would at least decrease the symptoms. I’ve tried a lot of the migraine meds but nothing really works or makes me feel worse. I will let you know if I come across anything and please let me (and all of us) know if you do to.
    Sincerely, Rick Johnson.

    • We’re still searching here. We are even trying the Botox protocol for migraines but without success so far, on cycle 2.

    • Hi Rick,

      Thanks for your post. I have given a detailed reply to your reply that you gave on my post in March. Scroll up a bit to find it =)

  7. I wish I would have found this site a long time ago. I remember the day I brought home my first LED monitor Christmas 2011, plugged it in… and I felt a sort of sea-sickness within 5 minutes that I could not understand at all. There is something about LED light that my eyes/brain/body finds absolutely repulsive.

    I detailed my entire journey on this huge Apple forum post. Does my experience sound similar to yours?
    (Post by “MagnuM396” on page 144)

    My next step is ordering a pair of blue-blocking lenses. The 3 I am currently considering are Crizal Prevencia, BluTech Lenses, or Gunnar Optiks. Which do you think is the best? I will likely make my final decision early next week.

    It sounds like you even have a higher sensitivity to LED lighting than I do even. That totally sucks. Hopefully you can find a lasting solution that will work for you!

    • I have had some luck with the Crizal Provencia coating. The Blu-tech did not really help me much. I also got a monitor from AOC which is supposed to be some sort of blue light blocking monitor. It is working pretty well for me also. The monitor # is E2476VWM6. Hope this helps you. Rick Johnson

      • Thanks very much for your reply Rick! I’m curious how Crizal Provencia helped you, while BluTech did not. I was lead to believe that Crizal Provencia only reflected blue light (hence still being able to maintain a fairly clear appearance to the lenses), while BluTech basically absorbed the blue light through its yellow lenses. I have been wearing my BluTech lenses now for 1 month, and unfortunately, I don’t notice any difference at all. If there is any difference, it is marginal at best.

        I took quite a bit of time to get used to the Rx though. My last glasses Rx was from 2011, and the new Rx of the BluTech was a 1/4 diopter change. It took a full 2 weeks for the wavy effect to finally dissipate.

        Around this same time, I did an intense study course that involved reading something like 850 pages of technical information in 4 days. This strained my eyes like crazy doing this, and I got all my old symptoms again (aching eyes, nausea, etc).

        Either I was still getting used to the Rx, or I’m also having issues with print as well. Perhaps reading in general I can no longer do comfortably, and I’m only 29. Definitely has me feeling down on my luck, and unsure of what to do going forward.

        I had an ophthalmologist appointment on Tuesday, and after hearing my case for a few minutes, they admitted that they unfortunately don’t know what’s causing my issue. My eyes appear to be fine, but my symptoms say otherwise. They suggested perhaps seeing a neurologist next. I see my regular optometrist in a couple of weeks, and I will likely ask for that referral.

        Thanks for the suggestion with the monitor as well! It appears that model is in stock in a local computer store as well. I’m a bit hesitant still, because of the fact that it’s an LED display, and I have never been able to tolerate LED. I’m currently using a Dell Ultrasharp U2410, and it’s the best monitor I’ve found to date for visual comfort and display quality.

    • Jesse and I both use Prevencia (me just for comfort). It’s not a solution but it helps to take the edge off a tiny bit. We haven’t found the solution yet but we are constantly working on it!

      Have you seen your Dr. about it?

      • Hi ST,

        Thanks for your reply! You may be interested in the reply I just gave above yours. It covers the question you asked.

        I, like everybody else here, am still desperately searching for a lasting solution.

  8. I am really desperate. :(

    Today with all my illusion I’ve bought a pair of led focus to record videos for youtube and such.I dreaded that this could happen and it happened.I almost can’t type this post, I am dizzy as hell, with nausea and about to puke.I will have to return the focus, and it’s not the first time that I have to explain my story and I feel shame because some think you are crazy or something. :(

    This is a list of things that give me headache,nausea, eye strain, etc…I went to a couple of doctors and they didn’t find anything in my vision.

    I can’t play 3D games, Call of Duty, Doom, GTA etc…instant dizziness.

    Ipad, Imac, anything Apple causes my eye strain, I had them and sold it for this reason.

    Nokia Lumia 920, it is one of my current telephones, I almost don’t use it because of this.

    Please anybody find a solution for this!!!

    I am going to bed to see if I can recover to work tomorrow.

  9. Hello,

    Did someone already tested filtering glasses? The electromagnetic spectrum of led or fluocompact light is dominated by blue light. There exists glass that can filter this light in order to make it more similar to natural light. I would be happy if someone already tested it and could give feed-back.

    Sincerely, Hercule

  10. All the way from Scandinavia I want to say thank you for this site! I thought I was all alone with this problem but clearly I am not. I always had problems with blue and bright blue fluorescent light, stemming from having sight difficulties for half my life and with the approach of LED lights and all these eco fiendly lights, it gets worse and worse. I have headaches on a daily basis and actually hoarded old lightbulbs before they ran out. Feels pathetic and “backwards” but whaddaya gonna do? Even quick exposures as that of a fridge can give me a headache for the whole day. Others dont seem understanding as to my issue and being in animation school for two years (blue goddamn light tables) was a torment before I could get a special warm light inside it. How can other people even without these issues think blue light is cozy or nice?? It’s not! It looks so cold and unfriendly too. And if they ever change the street lights here into LED or something, I’m never gonna leave my apartment ever again.
    Well, a long whiny comment but just felt like venting it on here where I feel like i’m not alone.

  11. Great site. Can anyone recommend a phone? I have a droid 4 which doesn’t make me sick like the iphones and the galaxy’s from samsung. When my last droid 4 died I bought another on ebay but its dying. Can anyone tell me what it is that causes theses headaches and nausea. I can’t use any apple product as I have tried them all. I can use a samsung note 10.1 without any problems, but ipads are horrible. Thanks in advance.

  12. Interesting to read what others are saying. I work in a library and I’m not sure whether the bulbs in the pot lights have been switched over or I just found myself standing under one for a few minutes, but after about a minute I began to feel dizzy. I looked up to see what kind of light it was. I don’t know much about bulbs but would describe it as a mini flying saucer with four or five little circles set up into the pot light. I had to move away from that area and go near a window until my head cleared. I don’t usually suffer any sort of headaches or dizziness. When I see the new blueish porch lights or lights in people’s apartments, I don’t know how they stand them. I think I would be nauseous.

    • Hi Maureen, sorry to hear about your experience. That does sound like an LED light but we cannot be sure without a photo or more details. How are you with LED tail lights and night driving? This could be a good indicator if LED lighting bothers you or not. My symptoms in the first 5-10 minutes are disorientation and dizziness, they get stronger if I do not remove myself from the trigger turning into a migraine. While it is nice to know I can be completely healthy by avoiding Eco-friendly lighting, it does appear the world will be a smaller and smaller place for me. LED is taking over in almost every commercial property I used to visit and cars are now starting to use LED headlights which is much more of a problem for driving than tail lights! Let us know if you have other experiences with computer monitors, cell phones or lighting. Here is a link to a website that discusses MAV (Migraines associated Vertigo) that I believe may turn out to be my diagnoses. More on that after my next Neurology appointment.

  13. Hi there Jesse,

    Thanks for setting up this website.

    Unfortunately I am also suffering from sever eye strain when exposed to LED’s. Unfortunately the LCD based laptop I used is on virtually dead in the water so I took a chance on this Acer one which has an LED backlight and so far I am suffering extreme eye pain.

    I have attempted the suggestions of full brightness but that hasn’t helped. I was just wondering if:-

    1. Anybody has found any new laptops that don’t use LED technology as all the stores I have been to have discontinued LCD.
    2. Is there a setting I can adjust on this LED laptop to prevent the excessive eye strain?
    3. Did any of the flicker free monitors prove effective at resolving the problem?



    • Welcome Andy, sorry to hear you are one of us but glad you found us so we can help each other! I will answer your questions to the best of my knowledge:

      1: LED laptops are dominate now however there are computer websites online where you may still be able to aquire an older LCD CCFL style laptop.

      2: Some people have had luck with modifying setting’s, if you get onto the Apple forum post: there is a lot of info on technical tweak’s, unfortunately there are 2017 replies so it is hard to search through.

      3: I have not heard one report of a flicker free monitor solving someones problem who has the same sensitivity we do. Some people have more of an eyestrain issue without any other effects and I believe I have read at least one person of the eye strain nature who stated the BenQ monitor was a little better.

      Good luck and stay in the discussion here!


      • I attach an older 19″ LCD monitor to my LED notebook. That helps quite a bit. I actually feel less eye tension while using an (LED) IPad since it puts out less light, even though LED is generally worse than LCD with CCFL.

        The brightness on LCDs is raised and lowered by adjusting the current to the CCFL. However, the brightness of a LED screen is adjusted by pulsing the current to trick the eye into thinking it’s brighter or dimmer. This pulsing is very hard on the eyes and may also still be in effect at the brightest setting.

      • I have tried all kinds of screens over the years. The best thing I found is to use Windows and change the them to dark contrast so the background will always be black and characters are green. Firefox browser has a dark theme option as well. Blocking images whilst browsing is helpful as well.

  14. Thank you for your website! I am CONSTANTLY looking for more information about light sensitivity and the ban on the “old” light bulbs (aka my preferred bulb). I only read about 75% of the posts so forgive me if I am repeating something that was already mentioned.

    I am a female in my mid 30’s and have battled migraines for more than half my life now and severely for almost 10 years (where they are debilitating). I quickly found out that lights were a large “trigger” for me and that I have photophobia. I actually went to an ear nose and throat doctor because my vertigo became so severe and I needed answers fast! Coincidentally after numerous tests, on a follow up visit, the physicians assistant said that I had a vestibular ocular disorder. (Btw I have 20/20 vision if anyone is curios yet my one eye had not stop wed twitching for three months at this point). He said it’s more common and often misdiagnosed. The treatment is actually an anti anxiety drug (klonopin or clonazepam in the generic form). It’s usually a very small dose since it’s not used for “anxiety” but after time (year or so.. Depending on the person) you may need to increase the dose because you build up an immunity to it. This helped me dramatically for most of life’s obstacles (shopping in a target with lots of lights and reflective floors, shadows from trees, smiling for the “occasional” photo… And I do say occasional because I can only take but one or two flashes and I’m done, going to a theme park, watching a concert, etc).

    I also LIVE in my oversized polarized sunglasses when I’m at my office, watching a live indoor concert with moving lights- blue is the worst for me, driving day or NIGHT and especially driving in the RAIN!! Everyone at my office knows I struggle horribly with this and is sensitive if I have to turn off the lights or hide in my office. I also take preventative migraine meds and meds when I get migraines (which is still about 9-10 times a month depending on the time of year, weather, stress, etc). I have also upgraded all computers to retina display options so everything is as clear as possible and it’s usually set on the dimmest level possible. My husband often thinks I’m reading or working in the dark!!

    I guess the point of this post was to shed some light on a diagnosis for the Costco person who couldn’t get help or anyone else struggling to find an “official” name for this condition. I know I felt a huge sense of relief when I finally had some answers. Obviously my life isn’t perfect but I do know ways to cope and can predict now when and what will happen if I’m not prepared.

    I will stop the typing now. Thanks again for opening up your website and for giving people a place to connect!

    • Welcome Melissa, interesting. I also went to an ear nose and throat Doctor and I did not get a diagnoses like yours. I will do some research on this condition, it is interesting how many different facets there are to light sensitivity, the list of possible causes is staggering! It sounds like even with all the medications you are struggling to live with this issue, sorry to hear that. One question, if you do not mind? Do you have a very direct correlation of your migraines to light or do you have a feeling your migraines are caused by light? For example, when I go to Walmart where they have very bright florescent lighting and very bright white floors I immediately get dizzy, sweaty and my eye’s ache, after 15-30 minutes a migraine is impossible to avoid, what is your experience like? I am wondering if lighting is an immediate direct trigger for your issue?

      Thank you!


  15. Dear Jesse,
    I went to a neighbor’s apartment yesterday, to view his new LED ceiling lights.
    I became so dizzy that I needed assistance to a chair and eventually to my apartment.
    After about 15 minutes, the symptoms went away.
    I have no prior history of dizziness so I’m assuming it was the LED lighting.

    • Hello Betty, welcome and I am sorry you have found yourself here due to experiencing this issue. It is not an easy issue to deal with and not enough research has been done to understand it so you will find there are a lot of people discussing it without any diagnoses besides Migraine. It probably was the LED lighting, did you feel disoriented and out of sorts? When I get Vertigo I usually feel it as you described, needing to sit down and recover. Where do you live roughly? One way of testing whether LED light’s are an issue for you is driving at night while behind cars with LED tail lights, these bother me during the day but at night you will know immediately if they are a problem. Please let me know if there are any further questions I can answer or assistance I can help provide.


  16. Hello thanks for creating this great website. I’m Interested In these Crizal Provencia glasses. Is this just a coating you can get from any glasses store? I have been suffering with this problem for 6 years. It started with playing my Sony PSP then the fluorescent lighting at my work. The fluorescent lighting at my current job still ruins my life even with the fl-41. I did get some relief from 160 mg of bilberry. It seems to help with the flicker Issue we all have. Apparently Carnosine helps as well I can’t get any because I live In Canada. I’m gonna try and Import some. As for screens It seems I can’t win no matter what I do. It’s probably because I’m so strained from work all the time. I have been applying for jobs In warehouses and factories even though I don’t wanna go back to that because they have less fluorescent lights. I have my computers hooked up to my Plasma screen. I find that helps the most. I still don’t get much computer time anymore though. I miss playing video games but my eyes are always ruined. I think the best part of my FL glasses Is they sit so close to my face. It’s almost like wearing a hat. No light gets through the top. This site has a lot of Information on flicker from screens and fluorescent lights. This Is where I learned the bilberry and carnosine from. I also have a YouTube channel where I have made some videos on fluorescent lights. I’m sure If you type fluorescent lights crazy picard you will find me. I have made about 4 – 6 videos on the subject. Only because It has ruined my life. I will continue making videos and researching until I get some rest from this crazy problem. Again thanks for this awesome site I will continue to come here.

    • Welcome Jason, I will send you an email directly about the locating the Provencia coating. I am sorry to hear that you have been suffering with this for 6 years, I completely understand and I hope by bringing people together we can solve or at least help mitigate this problem for as many people as possible. I too tried the FL-41 tint, I am not a fan of the tint in the sense that it really does much of anything to be honest, and I will explain why. When they sent me the FL-41 tint they applied an anti-glare coating to the lens’s which was the same one I was using without tint already, there was no dramatic difference with the addition of the rose colored tint. The anti-glare coating seemed to be the real cause of my reduced symptoms under florescent lighting and tinting seems to help relax the eyes slightly however by itself is useless. In fact, polarized sunglasses increase my symptoms under fluorescent lighting. There are varying degrees of sensitivity when it comes to light and there are some people who gain huge benefits from colored lens’s such as with Ireln syndrome however most people IMO may not have this exact syndrome but may exhibit several of the symptoms when light sensitive. With Provencia I can spend 3-4 hours around fluorescent lighting before beginning a mild headache, unfortunately it doesn’t take much for that to turn into a migraine with just a little bit of LED exposure afterwards, are you sensitive or had much exposure to new LED back lighting or environmental lighting? I would bet the PSP is LED back lit for certain. I am aware of Conrads website, I have spoken with him and my take away was that some of his research is dated with the onset of the LED light bulb. It is interesting you mention a Plasma screen because I am using my Pioneer kuro 4280HD model right now, I can use it for a few hours before having issues, I can also use it for video games with my glasses on. Of course it is 7-8 years old and will not last forever and newer Plasma’s do bother me, ugh! Glad you found this site and I will email you directly right now about Crizal, Jesse.

  17. Hi Jesse

    I posted the following message on the Apple forum but it got removed. Do you happen to know if subscribers to the group received it in email form, or if it got removed before that stage? I haven’t had any feedback anyway, but I am keen to write something about this problem. If you or anyone reading this site can help, do let me know.

    “Hi everyone, I’m a freelance journalist and am looking into trying to get an article commissioned on this subject. What I would need though is:

    – People with problems who would be willing to be interviewed (especially if UK-based though I could look at doing something for the US market). A mix of moderate and severe sufferers would be ideal.
    – A qualified medical/eye practitioner and/or a computer expert who could comment – I think one or two have posted on this thread?
    – I recall a link to a Spanish study which found that LED screens were damaging eyes – does anyone still have this link?

    Anyone who can help can contact me via my website –”

    Best wishes


  18. My 12 year old son is extremely light sensitive. Just this past week I had him tested for Irlen Syndrome and he tested positive. I am getting him custom lenses that he will wear in his glasses. The testing person also said that he should wear these special glasses with a hat or visor that is dark under the bill. Please, look into Irlen Syndrome. You may find help with custom tinted lenses.

    • I am not sure if I posted about Irlen Syndrome, I may have posted a link to their page. I did explore this and the interesting thing is most anyone with light sensitivity would test positive for Irlen. I truly hope they can help your son, I decided not to go down that path for several reasons. I have tried many different tinted lenses and found that rose colored lenses do help however not very much with LED lighting, only fluorescent. Also, you could research FL-41 tint by the moron eye center, it is a rose colored tint. I will tell you that I tried these lenses and the most interesting part is how they use an anti-glare coating over the tint. I have found in my experience that an anti-glare coating even without any type of tint helps more than tint itself, tint does add some “muting” of sensitivity but it is minor in comparison to the effects of Anti-glare coatings. I would suggest experimenting with Crizal Provencia under fluorescent lighting, it is the most effective for me even though it does not make LED lighting tolerable. Not to say everyone’s symptoms or root cause is the same however I have helped several people with this exact same advice, it is worth a try. For example, I do not need to wear any type of visor under fluorescent lighting with my anti-glare coated clear non-script lenses and can usually spend 3-5 hours depending under the lights.

  19. I researched the subject of fluorescent lighting, ECO-friendly lighting and LED lighting toward the end of last year and the beginning of this year. I must have stopped around May, after being terminated, which is around when it seems this site came up. I may not have felt as crazy at the time if I found it, but regardless, it’s good to know I’m not alone.

    My story has become something I dreaded having to repeat, as the judging attitudes of even most members in my immediate family, unfortunately, drove me to a state of depression and insanity. I worked at Costco Wholesale for almost 3 years before I began to experience adverse effects from “something.” In November of 2011, the store received a new General Manager. She had different ways about keeping the store clean. More specifically, she would require the floors to be polished with the Zamboni in the am and pm of every day. With our previous GM, this would only be done a few times a month. The importance of this factor is in the reflective surface that the floor became: it was so well-polished that you could see, while somewhat blurred, an exact reflection of the ceiling overhead lighting jetting upward. As the months progressed, my symptoms began. As soon as I would enter the building, my head would “clog up.” One or both of my ears would feel closed in a way that I could only describe as being similar to being on a plane: the feeling of wanting to pop your ears, but being unable to. This clogged ear/filled head feeling would persist for hours, and the more time I spent in the store, it would lead to massive headache, accompanied with eye-strain, nausea and dizziness. The effects started around the Spring of 2012 and I just tolerated it.
    Until September came around. Dealing with the clogged ears and piercing headaches came to an abrupt end in the middle of September. I was scheduled for the usual 8 hour shift, but halfway into it I couldn’t bare the symptoms any longer. I talked to my manager and explained that I’ve been having these symptoms for most of the year, and inquired as to whether or not any changes have been made to the store. Just to note, I did bring my symptoms up to other managers throughout the year as well, having been told it is probably just allergies, and going with that assumption. He told me he was not aware of any changes and I said I would take a break and see what happens. After resuming my duties, it wasn’t even 10 minutes that the symptoms returned, forcibly even. I walked toward one of the CDS Samplers to try and tell her I needed help, but as I attempted to talk my words slurred and I fell to the ground unconscious.
    Everything from here is a cluster-you-know-what. Going to multiple doctors who pay no attention to when you’re talking, order some expensive tests and then offer some new experimental drug that isn’t FDA-approved and came out a year ago. Cardiologist, Neurologist, Neuroophtamologist, Ophthalmologist, Otolaryngologist.. seeing these specialists over the course of months who can’t determine a that there is a thing wrong with me. In the first month I was put on short-term disability, but they stopped covering me after the first week of November because of whatever reason they could give me; I had to fight this ridiculous insurance company through hours of phone calls, faxing documentation etc etc until it was approved 3 months later and I received retro pay.
    Because of the short term disability not covering me, I needed to go back to work regardless of what was happening to me. Maybe because I’m only 23 they assumed I lived with my parents or something, but I don’t. I told my doctor I can’t be off work while trying to figure out what was wrong, so he wrote me a restriction stating that I can’t work indoors, as there are cart-assistant or gas station attendants who work outside. I received a letter afterward essentially questioning the physician’s restriction and telling me “no.” There was another 3 weeks of BS, phone calls etc, but with my back against the rope I filed for unemployment. Shockingly, I received a call from my GM about a week later asking if I wanted to be a cart assistant. Just to be clear, part of their reasoning for not being able to adhere to the doctor’s request dealt with “this needing to be signed off by this person at corporate and then verified through etc etc..” Needless to say, there wasn’t any of that.
    Unfortunately I still experienced symptoms. It was hard enough to be working in January/February’s single digit/below 0 windchill temperatures, continuously with my break being outside as well, but on top of that, the little time I had to be in the vestibule in order to return the carts.. I would still feel the onset of my previous symptoms; I came to realize they were the worst at night, when I was out in the dark mostly and then returned to the obsessively brilliant gates of the store that is Costco.
    Throughout this month, I would go to work just to experience these symptoms, but what was worse is they returned home with me as well. I had to barricade myself under blankets in a dark room while wearing sunglasses because my eyes hurt so bad that any kind of light was very painful. This wasn’t able to go on much longer. In the beginning of February, I went to work still sick from the previous day, but I couldn’t stay. During the first hour I was so nauseous I vomited. My body felt so weak that I was almost passing out in the parking lot. I couldn’t do it anymore. I informed my manager that I was getting sick still just as before, and that I needed to leave and would not be returning until it was figured out what was happening to me. Obviously that didn’t matter. They were accusing me of no-call no shows and told me I’d have to redo all the FMLA paperwork etc.. even though, as the future revealed, for everything else pertaining to this issue (insurance, docs, etc) I lost coverage because my first FMLA incident was deemed to be the same as the second.
    My “secondary leave” paperwork wasn’t sent to me until April. At this time, there was still nothing figured out, and my doctor would not sign any more papers because he already did. Because of HIPAA laws, no other physician was willing to do so. To make matters even better, my primary went on medical leave during this mess. I was told by my manager I would be terminated if I can’t give them the paperwork. The specialists wouldn’t touch the paperwork. Thus, Costco terminated me.
    Suffice it to say I learned a great deal from all of this. I learned that you never want to rely on doctors for anything. I learned that medical insurance is the biggest waste of money and is a huge scam. I have over $5,000 in medical bills, and even though to some “that’s not much,” paying 5 grand for absolutely no service rendered is thievery. I learned that as a worker in this country, you are 100% expendable.
    The conclusion to this novel is not a happy ending, unfortunately. The medical debt has destroyed my credit score. I never even had one to begin with. Credit cards are the biggest sham of them all, so I didn’t buy into it. Hell I worked and paid my way through my first 2 years of college so I wouldn’t have to pay a university 20 grand for the same useless general education requirements. I had a plan for myself, as I saw how my family was being crippled by poor financial decisions. I was a debt-free, working young mind who wanted to save more money to finish at a university.
    Now? I can’t get a job anywhere. My unemployment claim was approved based on my situation, first check was electronically deposited immediately… next day, after I used it to pay rent and bills as soon as it was in, Costco whines about it and gets their way. Claim denied. Give us back our money! My appeals failed, even with medical documentation. And being broke, obviously I couldn’t afford a lawyer.
    The only jobs I’ve been able to get are scams. I’ve spent days (I mean days in terms of the amount of hours that have been put in, not an hour or two here on this day, a few the next etc) filling out job applications, sending resumes, emailing prospects… even desperately searching the scam-infested recesses of the “work from home” jobs part of the internet. My only hires are telemarketing companies. One who was contracted by big insurance names like United Healthcare, with my job being to tell elderly people with chronic illnesses that their claim wasn’t approved because of some L’PUC code. Or a sham newspaper teleservice position that cold-calls people to give them free advertising inserts, while at the same time collecting address information and selling it to other companies. Luckily I had residual income to live off of still, because I couldn’t stay at either of these places long. I don’t care how important money is, I felt terrible making any sort of money off of these people. Everyone in my family tells me “it’s just a job, you just do it and get paid. You’re not the person screwing those people over.” What kind of mentality is this? Is this the American mindset? It’s no wonder this country is so messed up.
    Anyway, that’s my story. I was fired because nobody thought it would be a good idea to test out the effects of artificial lighting on human beings. I think something similar happened to the Romans with lead. I’d be an idiot to think we actually learn anything from history though, right? Maybe in time, more people will be affected. Society seems to overlook the fact that we are indeed animals who evolved in a naturally-lit habitat. When your body is in pain, you don’t tell it to shut up by giving it Excedrin. The PharmoCorporate society we live in is horrible.

    PS: I wear FL41 filtered lenses to help with the pain. They help, but unfortunately I think my exposure to these lights over the years has compromised my vision in an irreparable way. Driving at night is especially difficult, and dangerous if it’s raining. Good luck to anyone else who is in the same predicament. I feel your pain, truly I do.

    • Welcome and THANK YOU for telling this story!!!

      It is important to share our experiences here for at the very least we can feel like we are not alone. I would not wish this condition on anyone and I have been soooo lucky with insurance thus far and I live in fear I will one day be in your position without warning, I have been trying to prepare for this very outcome. When you start thinking about what type of work you could actually do without having major symptoms the results are dismal and no one seems to really understand this. I am very sorry your family has not supported you, while I do have my family’s support I can say my wife is the only one who truly has seen and understood what I am going through. I believe I may be able to help you some if you are interested, no guaranties but I have some information to share with you after reading your story. My heart goes out to you for what sounds like having to go through this alone without any real support, I fear your age has people questioning the validity of your situation. I also agree that drugs are not a great way to treat our problem and could potentially make it worse or cause long term damage. I am currently going through trials of migraine medications. I do not believe any of which have been engineered to treat the specific issue we have….I am willingly going through this though because if something does work I must share that information with everyone I can, I fear the possible consequences of being a guinea pig.

  20. Excellent website – so glad to have found you! I have been outraged at the stupidity of councils across the globe introducing LED street lighting. They haven’t even got the common sense to put orange covers over them to move away from the dangerous end of the light spectrum in which LED lights ted to sit. In my area we are now blinded to the extent you have to drive with the sun visor down and sun glasses on at night. You cannot distinguish between on-coming cars’ headlights and LED streetlights and the deepened shadows caused by these lights are sending your poor pupils into overdrive. I found out about how dangerous LED street lights were when I started to get headaches daily after the lights were changed in my area of the UK (to the tune of £18 million GBP of tax payers’ money!!!) and looked it up. This type of lighting will cause irreversible damage to the retina and you will eventually loose a lot of your sight. These councils are uneducated morons and in the next decade or so will, no doubt, be inundated with law suits.
    My current solution is to trial the use of yellow or amber lenses for night driving – anything to try to alleviate the headaches. Jesse, I have so much empathy for you – keep up the good work x

    • Nice to meet you Dee Bee, I have heard Europe is much worse from some people there. I agree with you on all counts, I too have major issues seeing at night and when I rarely do drive at night it is with my visor down. I don’t think science has definitively proven LED lighting can damage your Retina however from what I have read and my experiences I wouldn’t be surprised if there are long term damaging effects. As with any new technology the damage needs to be wide spread before anyone pays attention, not the best method to live by but it seems to be human nature to put progress before safety in our world. I appreciate your empathy and I have nothing but empathy for anyone who is experiencing the same as myself, it is a terrible future to imagine where your work and social life become so limited! Good luck with the lenses, I would suggest working with a good optometrist who can help you trial some anti-glare blue blocking coatings like Crizal Provencia and consider prism as well even if they say you don’t need it (They should have a set of test lenses with prism you can try looking through to see if it relaxes your eyes). I wish I could spend more time working on this site and updating but my sensitivity has been getting worse, even my CCFL monitor bothers me these days after a couple hours. Good luck and please stay in touch through this site:)


  21. Hello very cool web site!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Superb .. I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally?I am happy to find numerous helpful info here in the publish, we’d like work out extra strategies on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  22. I’ve always lived with floaters but with the new LED lighting at the library the floaters turn bright white instead of black. There’s not a day I go to work that I say I wish I could wear my sunglasses at work. On the computer screens I always look down into the screen instead of head on. Good luck with your site Jesse!

    • Hi Patti and welcome:) What do you mean by “floaters”? Interestingly enough sunglasses do not help me and some polarized glasses actually magnify my issue. Thank you for commenting, I truly believe there needs to be a place for people to discuss this issue and I created this site so we can help each other.

  23. I hate LED light, it’s not lighting. It colors the area. I feel so unsafe passing a police car flashing LED lights, I can’t see the police officer!

  24. J,
    I suspect that our problem is due to some nervous disorder. Dont get me wrong, i am talking for minor disorders like the restless leg syndrome. Are you one of these people that cannot sit for still in a chair for more than 5mins? Do you feel an urge to move constantly? Are you having problems stting in the plane and want to get up?
    I am currently practicing relaxation exercises because i face the above problems (even though i eat healthy and exercise). At the moment all i can say is that the use of a smartphone got easier for me. I suspect i suffer from the led flicker and while i still get eye strain and headaches from prolonged use at one sitting (that’s 1-2 hours for me) with the phone at full brightness, the recovery period for my eyes is MUCH LESS. In the past the recovery period for my eyes was maybe a week, now it is just a few hours. That’s a start! I will let you know how it goes.

    • That does not mean that companies should not engineer healthier devices. Most people i know using LED screens, while not affected as severely as we do, they do feel the displays less comfortable than their old screens.
      EIZO has posted a report comfort putting empasis on pwm on LEDs.
      Also Benq for the same.

      • Welcome Exandas, interesting inputs on relaxation technique, not sure I personally have as much of an issue with the restless syndrome you are facing. What type of relaxation exercises are you doing and how often?

        • Jesse, is your diet rich in sugars or foods with high glycemic index (GI)?
          Along with relaxation exercises i took care of not eating foods with high GI as my doctor instructed me.
          In the Apple forum i wrote that i could tolerate a Sony smartphone, but i realized that i can tolerate any display much better than in the past.
          My doctor also told me that nutrition high in sugars affects the retina and the eye blood vessels, and that maybe this is the cause.
          I am really impressed with the improvement i see in myself, but i cant say that i can fully tolerate the LED displays. My doctor also told me that i will be able to see the first results within 3 months of proper diet (which proved true), and the full effect in 6 months.
          I read in the Apple forum that you are going to the gym. Are you also taking care of nutrition?

          • Interesting I don’t remember seeing this post, sorry about that. I am really taking care of my nutrition right now and eating very low sugar, interesting info you have there on how sugar affects the eye, that is my first time hearing that. How are you doing now?

          • Hi Jesse, i think i can tolerate smaller devices better. Actually i am now using Samsung Galaxy Grande Duos as my main phone (which is a MAJOR improvement) but i work with an old trusted MBP since i cannot use any modern laptop for a long time. I still get the sore eyes after 30 min to 1 hour of continuous use of my smartphone and i need a couple of hours to come back to normal, but at least i can work with a mobile device. I am usually on the move and reading emails on the phone and working on laptops is important. But definitely i do get sore eyes and mild headaches, i cannot use any modern mobile device or laptop the way i used the older (2010 and back) models.
            The strange thing is that sometimes i am totally fine while other times not. I cannot explain it, i am still looking for a permanent solution.
            I am experimenting to see what exactly is making me feel better. Is it nutrition, is it relaxation exercises, is it maybe a combination?
            My doctor also told me there is a huge increase of patients complaining of headaches, and he is now starting to suspect that it may be due to changes in the artificial conditions but i don’t think the regulatory bodies in the EU where i live will respond, they seem only to care of energy consumption.

    • Sounds like you might also find looking into ADD or ADHD interesting, adult onset isn’t rare. I was diagnosed with ADHD during college and I’m not the picture of what you would typically think of when you hear ADHD. It sounds like you are self medicating with coping mechanisms, which is what I was doing. There is even some evidence that the higher your IQ the more coping mechanisms you come up with to be the high functioning adult that you are.

    • Exandas, interested in your inability to sit still for long periods. Have been like this for a long time. Suffer from light sensitivity and definitely what you said was like a lightbulb turning on for me (no pun intended). I tend to agree on the nervous disorder theory. I grew up with a father who drank alot, came home and verbally abused us, and argued with my mother all night long. Unfortunately, I also grew up next to a market garden so in my 30s nearly died form lead and mercury poisoning. This definately affects the nervous system amongst other things. So anyway, just adding my thoughts – hope this is of interest to somebody and may shed some light!

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